Typical Umbria products

Walking along the Strada del Sagrantino, in the green hills, it's easy to understand where the goodness of Umbria's typical products comes from.

Looking around, you’ll instantly be fascinated by the beauty of the olive trees. The extra virgin olive oil they produce may carry the label “Denominazione di Origine Protetta Umbria – Colli Martani,” (Protected Designation of Origin Umbria – Colli Martani), indicating one of the five sub-zones into which Umbria is divided.

This designation denotes a series of properties that only an extraordinary region can attribute to its products.

Thanks to the favourable climate in this land, olives ripen slowly to keep acidity levels extremely low.

The hilly terrain is particularly suited to olive cultivation, as the uniquely structured and highly permeable soils enable roots to grow deep. Painstaking human intervention builds on these characteristics.

For example, olive harvests are precisely timed to take advantage of the moment in which the fruit presents both maximum fruitiness and minimum acidity. This is the land on which the Farchioni family put down its roots.