100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In its continuous search for flavor, Farchioni recommends "Coratina"**. The tree is vigorous, with long, drooping branches and medium-thick foliage of lanceolate leaves. The fruits are elliptical and of medium weight. At proper harvest ripeness the fruits take on a wine-red color. **Pure Coratina, but with a natural and minimal % of olives from various pollinators.

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Cooking Tips

SERVING SUGGESTIONS This aromatic monocultivar with fruity, bitter and pungent hints goes perfectly with rare red meats or soups tending to be sweetish. We also recommend it for bruschetta and Italian-style bread salads, beans with tomato sauce, lentil or spelt soups, boiled cabbage, tomato and bread soup, or drizzled raw over pasta or rice. It goes ideally with hearty, strong-flavored dishes.

The taste

Coratina extra virgin olive oil gives fruity sensations pleasant to the nose. Bitter and pungent hints clearly emerge in the flavor. The color tends toward golden yellow.

  • Fruity Medium
  • Bitter Medium
  • Spicy Medium