100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In its continuous search for flavor, Farchioni recommends "Nocellara"**, a sweet-flavored monocultivar with a lightly bitter finish. **Pure Nocellara, but with a natural and minimal % of olives from various pollinators.

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Cooking Tips

SERVING SUGGESTIONS This sweet-flavored monocultivar with a lightly bitter, fruity finish is ideal for dressing salads and for balancing the strong flavor of fresh cheeses. We also recommend it for anchovies, sardines and mackerel, legumes, steamed vegetables and fresh cheeses. It goes ideally with balanced dishes that are enhanced by bringing out some of their more subtle notes.

The taste

The oil obtained from this monocultivar has a pleasant green color, rich in aromas. Lightly pungent and delicate thanks to the care taken in processing, it preserves for a long time all of the qualities present at the time of pressing. Intense green color.

  • Fruity Low
  • Bitter Low
  • Spicy Low