Oli del Mediterraneo

Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oli del Mediterraneo

Two centuries after the launch of the original recipe of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Farchioni celebrates the ongoing success with this special editions, a peronal selection of the best olives variety of the mediterranena area. This fine and genuine oil with its unique fresh olive fragrance and delicate taste is the result of our experience in selecting oils, over ten generations. Its numerous excellent qualities remain unchanged in time. The Farchioni family has personally selected the best production areas in Italy and abroad, and by mixing these products has obtained a delicate, top quality oil of incomparable excellence.

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Cooking Tips

It’s also wonderfully balanced on salads, and a perfect complement to your entrées and side dishes. It will enrich your meats and fish and always respect the balanced flavors of your cooking.

The taste

This bright gold oil has an unforgettable fruity taste and is extremely digestible.

  • Fruity Low
  • Bitter Low
  • Spicy Low