Butter-free cookies: use extra virgin olive oil instead!


Butter-free cookies: use extra virgin olive oil instead!

Olio Farchioni
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Light and tasty, a real treat!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 Cookies
Calories 290 kcal


  • Bowl
  • Baking sheet


  • 210 g Flour
  • 80 ml EVO oil
  • 120 g White or brown sugar
  • 120 g Chocolate chips
  • 50 ml Water
  • 4 g Baking powder (one teaspoon)


  • Combine flour, sugar and baking powder in a bowl, and mix with a fork.
  • Add chocolate chips.
  • Mix well and add EVO oil and water.
  • Once the dough thickens, start kneading by hand and form a firm dough ball.
  • Line a baking sheet with baking paper.
  • Form 12 balls with the dough, lay them on the baking paper and press them into the classic cookie shape.
  • Bake in a ventilated oven at 170°C for about 15 minutes, or in a static oven at 180°C also for 15 minutes.
  • When your cookies are done, let them cool before removing them from the baking sheet..
  • Store in a tightly sealed container. They will last about 1 week.

Butter-free cookies are very easy to prepare, great for breakfast or as a snack. They can also be offered as a very nice present to a special friend.

These cookies are not only butter-free, they are also egg-free and can be enjoyed by vegan or egg-intolerant persons. Remember that they can be made even yummier by adding nuts, almonds, hazelnuts or raisins to the dough. Let’s have a look at the recipe for these light and delicious cookies!

A few tips for butter-free cookies

Preparing these cookies is very easy, however you will need a few tips to ensure a perfect result:

  • If you want your cookies thin and crisp, flatten the dough balls.

  • If you prefer them thicker and softer, press the dough very lightly so as not to squeeze all the air out.

  • Your cookies won’t stick to the baking paper if you soak it then wring it out before placing it on the baking sheet.

  • Of course you can decide not to add anything to the dough or replace chocolate chips with whatever you like best: raisins or dried fruit.

Butter-free cookies: extra virgin olive oil makes them light and tasty 

When cooking sweets it is important to be mindful of their fat content. This applies particularly to cookies borrowed from the American tradition, where butter dominates over the other ingredients.

In our recipe, instead, we will use extra virgin olive oil. EVO oil is preferable to butter and seed oil for a number of reasons:

  • The dough will be more digestible and lighter on your liver.

  • Being liquid, EVO oil will smoothly mix with the other ingredients. The dough will incorporate more air, leading to a crumblier texture.

  • Your butter-free cookies will come out of the oven splendidly golden.

  • Cookies will stay fresh longer because EVO oil does not deteriorate as quickly as animal fats.

We selected Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Speciale per Dolci Farchioni. It is cold extracted and preserves all the flavor of fresh olives: the best choice for preparing soft or semi-soft doughs.

Now that you know it all, we wish you bon appétit!

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