• A long tradition and a passion for raw materials.

    Excellence has deep roots

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  • The Mill

    The beginning of our history

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  • Olive Oil Culture

    Discover the olive oil world, from the olive harvest to the oil conservation

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Organic, Good, Italian!

Il Casolare - the 100% organic Italian Oil awarded in New York and London for its excellent quality.

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Discover our organic oils

All the quality of the short chain on your table. Discover the products

Olive Oil Culture

Everything you need to know to better appreciate our oils and their qualities.

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Tradition in the kitchen

Our olive oils are not just a condiment but the main ingredient of Italian cuisine.


Double Cap, Zero Risks

Now, more than ever, sanitising and Hygiene are crucial.

That’s the reason why Il Casolare has detached the Flip-top Cap to allow

Simple, Safe, Sanitisable usage.