QAS Certification

Farchioni, an Italian family company since 1780, has been engaged for years in a series of activities, in line with its ethical values and strategic guidelines, with the aim of offering its customers quality and tasty products, while at the same time respecting human health and the environment and remove from below.

Farchioni has been an Italian family business since 1780. In line with its ethical values and strategic aims, we have, for several years now, been engaged in a range of activities aimed at offering high quality products that respect both human health and the environment.

Today Farchioni has decided to formalize this commitment with the "Qualità – Ambiente - Sicurezza" ("Quality – Environment – Safety") project. We publicize this initiative by including the QAS® logo on all our product labels.

In order to be able to use the QAS® logo, Farchioni has implemented strict procedures, which are subject to regular audits by an independent certification body, to certify that requirements and standards are being met.

The project is based on a series of specific actions and commitments towards process and product quality, workers' well-being and safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and food safety.