Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This organic oil is produced using the best methods of organic farming free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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Cooking Tips

Il Casolare, even with high content of antioxidants is more balanced, pleasant and complex.Just few extra virgin olive oils obtained, from highest selected cultivars, can become an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. Farchioni family takes personal care of the selection from more than 10 generations.

The taste

It is naturally unfiltered and it has the classic "cloudy" and "bleary" look due to microscopic droplets of water naturally contained in the olive fruit. On average, it contains 30% higher concentration of bioactive phenolic. his unfiltered Organic EVOO is healthier and more tasty; leading to a reduction of the "spicy" notes and the "bitterness".

  • Fruity Low
  • Bitter Low
  • Spicy Low