Olive Oil Culture

  • Oil sensory analysis

    The oil sensory analysis has a qualitative value that the analytical technique cannot replace.

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  • Oil organoleptic characteristics

    The organoleptic characteristics of the oil are colour, aroma, taste and fluidity.

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  • QAS Certification

    Quality, Environment and Safety, the guiding principles of Farchioni Olii.

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  • Oil preservation

    A good conservation extends the life of the oil.

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  • Olive Oil extraction

    The process to obtain oil from olives is achieved through 3 phases: crushing, mixing and kneading.

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  • The oil-mill

    Our artisan tradition bringing excellence to your table.

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  • Olive fruit fly

    The olive fruit fly is the main olive pest.

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  • Cold-pressed Oil

    The best oils are obtained at a temperature below 27 degrees Celsius.

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  • Unfiltered Oil

    Unfiltered oils have 50% more antioxidants than filtered oils.

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  • Typical Umbria products

    Umbria, the green heart of Italian taste.

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  • Olive oil quality

    Extra Virgin Oil and Olive Oil, let's see the differences.

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  • Olive harvesting

    A magical moment which covers the entire autumn season.

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  • Italian olive varieties

    Unparalleled variety, with over 500 different varieties.

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Double Cap, Zero Risks

Now, more than ever, sanitising and Hygiene are crucial.

That’s the reason why Il Casolare has detached the Flip-top Cap to allow

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