Now, more than ever, sanitising and Hygiene is crucial.


That’s the reason why Il Casolare has detached the flip-top cap to allow Simple, Safe, Sanitisable usage.

Double Cap, Zero Risks

Since April 2020, all of our bottles of Il Casolare olive oil come with 2 bottle top closing options:

the gold stopper or the loose flip-top cap.


The reason? 

We want to give our customers the chance to easily sanitise the flip-top cap and still enjoy our traditional bottle closure on the olive oil.


Because we care about our Customers


Are you a fan of tradition?
use the flip-top cap instead of the gold stopper!

Your Opinion is Important

This unfiltered oil really allows the nuanced taste of the olives to shine through – we felt as though we’d picked them straight from the grove. We love the industrial looking unfiltered bottle which can be closed using its bottle stop or screw cap.
Stacey Smith
I have been using this oil solely for some years now. It has a lovely 'middle of the road' taste; not too bitter. The bottle with the old-fashioned stopper is cute but easy to use, and I like the fact that it is cold pressed and unfiltered.
Tesco Customer
I love the bottle, very rustic! Its absolutely delicious, it's one of those oils you can dip your ciabatta into, it will be a flavour of its own in cooking. It's a large bottle so value for money too as I pay about £4 for a mediocre oil in the supermarket.
Amazon Customer Reviews

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