Now, more than ever, sanitising and Hygiene is crucial.


That’s the reason why Il Casolare has detached the flip-top cap to allow Simple, Safe, Sanitisable usage.

Double Cap, Zero Risks

Since April 2020, all of our bottles of Il Casolare olive oil come with 2 bottle top closing options:

the gold stopper or the loose flip-top cap.


The reason? 

We want to give our customers the chance to easily sanitise the flip-top cap and still enjoy our traditional bottle closure on the olive oil.


Because we care about our Customers


Are you a fan of tradition?
use the flip-top cap instead of the gold stopper!

  • Take the flip-top cap and sanitise it by washing it in the dishwasher, or boiling it for 60 seconds in a pan of water.
  • Open the bottle by removing the clear plastic seal through the opening provided.
  • Take off the gold stopper and use the handle of a spoon to remove the plastic dispenser.
  • To attach the sanitised flip-top cap, hold the flip-top, place the largest white part at the top and the metallic part to the side, making sure that the two grips are up.
  • Slip one metal grip into the hole on the bottle and apply a light pressure to insert the second part to the other side of the bottle.
  • Next, place the orange part of the flip-top on the neck of the bottle and push the metal to close.

Your Opinion is Important

This unfiltered oil really allows the nuanced taste of the olives to shine through – we felt as though we’d picked them straight from the grove. We love the industrial looking unfiltered bottle which can be closed using its bottle stop or screw cap.
Stacey Smith
I have been using this oil solely for some years now. It has a lovely 'middle of the road' taste; not too bitter. The bottle with the old-fashioned stopper is cute but easy to use, and I like the fact that it is cold pressed and unfiltered.
Tesco Customer
I love the bottle, very rustic! Its absolutely delicious, it's one of those oils you can dip your ciabatta into, it will be a flavour of its own in cooking. It's a large bottle so value for money too as I pay about £4 for a mediocre oil in the supermarket.
Amazon Customer Reviews

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