Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Farchioni Family in Italy have been making extra virgin olive oil for hundreds of years. Using their wealth of experience they have selected the mildest olives and blended them to create an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a light delicate flavour.

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Cooking Tips

These olives are naturally cold pressed and not subjected to any chemical process. In order to really appreciate its fruity taste, it is best used to season all raw dishes (salads, legumes, toasted bread etc.)

The taste

This product is perfect for people who appreciate all benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil but who prefer a gentle flavour. A dark green, filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with the typical fragrance of freshly pressed olives. This product is characterized by a full flavour taste. It is obtained from a variety of olives which continue to retain their green colour and decidedly fruity taste.

  • Fruity Medium
  • Bitter Low
  • Spicy Low