Unfiltered 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


As far back as 1780 my Family was involved in growing and milling olive oil in Italy. Each generation of my family has passed down to the next their expertise in selecting and blending oils. The 100% Italian Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Riserva 1780 is our best selection of all natural unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

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Cooking Tips

Obtained from a selected variety of olives from South of Italy having the characteristic to let unchanged the intense during the time. Surely accepted by customers which prefer strong flavors. Sales packaging: glass bottle 750ML.

The taste

It is an oil with strong fruity notes, selected to impose in the market an exceptional extra virgin olive oil for its intensity in taste, flavors and colors.

  • Fruity Medium
  • Bitter Low
  • Spicy Low